Leading Mobile App Makers - What Does it Take?

What does it take to be a leading Mobile Application development company? It is not enough to have a team of experienced software engineers. The mobile device revolution demands much more than standard software. Small screens, advanced sensors, applicability to new business processes, battery power management, usability and customer conversion issues are just some of the problems a good mobile application should solve. This requires a unique combination of skills - starting with mobile software engineering, data-driven marketing, user interface design and business process optimisation. And this is just for starters.

To top this off, your team of software engineering marketing data scientists expert at UI design and business process optimisation needs to do all of these things cost-efficiently, while ensuring absolute quality - because mobile users expect nothing short of excellence in their little bubble of mobile 'me' time. 

How does a mobile app maker do all of this? It sounds pretty tough, but with the right people and methods it is possible.

  • Agile Project Management Methodology
    The advent of Agile project management methodology has significantly improved the speed and quality of software development. Agile has also significantly reduced the risk of software not working as required - whether due to poor design, or poor execution - thanks to its iterative underpinnings and focus on user outcomes.
  • Innovate with bespoke applications
    Bespoke software can take advantage of technical innovation relatively quickly, while large "one-size-fits-all" vendors struggle. Large vendors struggle to integrate in a timely manner even those innovations which have the best promise of adding significant value to enterprises, such as mobile and cloud computing. 
  • Use the latest Development Tools
    The proliferation of high-quality development tools and platforms at relatively low cost has made developers more productive and less error-prone.
  • Recognise the Changing Nature of Software
    The nature of software usage has changed from niche technical operation to mainstream usage by every worker. Creating software able to deliver value to every worker takes more than a large team of engineers. It takes a small, experienced and empowered team with cross-functional skill sets. Such a team produces significantly more functional products than a large team of engineers every time, because the small, empowered, cross-functional team is able to understand the customer better, solve practical problems better and produce an end result that does not require an instruction manual.