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Whether you are an entrepreneur with a fresh idea, a challenger brand planning to shake up the market, or an established business wishing to innovate, building an app is not where the journey begins.

In order to build the right app, to address the business problem, to solve the user pain points, it is imperative to make informed decisions about the project from the very beginning. It starts with validating your idea, and whittling down a list of unknowns to come up with the most appropriate, laser-focused plan.


It starts with your idea





How does an app get created?

Creating an app worth using takes a team of professionals.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Why use the innovation-as-a-serviceᵀᴹ (iaasᵀᴹ) platform?

    Quite simply because 66% of software projects fail to get completed on-time, on-budget or to meet the original business intent. Building a successful app is not just about software development. At Muli Mobile we have distilled our 10 years of experience into a holistic product development process - from idea validation, startup assistance, verifying business needs, product planning to engineering and growth. This entire process is made secure, efficient, agile, transparent and accessible with our Innovation-as-a-Serviceᵀᴹ platform.

  2. How much does it cost and how long will it take?

    We don’t know until we understand your plans — kind of like building a house. Typical costs are from $10K in two weeks to orders of magnitude higher, depending on the complexity, the level of innovation required and other factors.

  3. Is my idea safe with you?

    We take intellectual property very seriously. Our adviser Bill Wilson, former chairman of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, helped design our procedures for protecting proprietary knowledge. Your idea will be protected by our Non-Disclosure Agreement from the beginning.

  4. What happens after my app is finished?

    We offer a comprehensive warranty period to ensure you are up and running. Most clients ask us to work on follow-up projects. We also offer continuous technical support and lean start-up support plans.

  5. Do you do marketing also?

    Yes! Marketing is one of our strengths. Tap into our global network of professional digital marketers who will use every resource at their disposal - social, search ads, SEO, inbound marketing to reach your goals in every market you want to compete in. We call them growth hackers.

  6. Will you help me raise capital?

    Unfortunately, we are not a capital investment organisation. We specialise in creating your product, and leave the job of investing capital up to professional investors. We do know what investors look for, and our Startup Go! workshop can help you get the capital you need.

  7. How good is your team?

    We hire only the best and we do not fill a position until we find the right candidate. Our engineering hires go through 5 rounds of formal assessments. Our Worldwide Market Experts Networkᵀᴹ are the best in their business and are invited exclusively based on their track record of achievement.

  8. What have you worked on?

    Have a look at our work and case studies here.

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