Not all apps are created equal

Never in the history of the software industry has the quality of both the back-end architecture and the front-end UI (User Interface) counted so much as it does in mobile apps. Due to their nature, mobile apps in the enterprise are required to be user-friendly and intuitive, on-brand, appealing to customers, as well as bug-free, and of course they must deliver suitable functionality, follow business process and integrate comprehensively with existing business systems.

The combination of all these requirements leads to complex software. Without the right processes in place to manage this complexity leading up to and during development, the resulting app may be impaired.

Intuitiveness and Conversion Rate Optimisation

The instant nature of mobile application usage means apps must be intuitive to use. Those customer-facing apps which sell or generate sales leads must also maximise their ability to do so. Both of these challenges are non-trivial, and require specialised expertise. Our team's unique experience in digital performance advertising allows us to excel in this area.

Back-end Performance

It is important to ensure code quality standards are met. Badly designed code leads to poor performance and makes it difficult to support and upgrade the app in the future. If your app suffers from hard-to-find bugs and less-than-stellar performance, it may need code refactoring. 

If you think your app could use an independent code standards audit, UI and sales optimisation, or analytics implementation audit, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.