Bespoke solutions for organisations who know their business 

We build standards-based, bespoke applications using the most suitable approaches for our clients' technology stacks. Our clients get the best of both worlds - the standards compliance, documentation and support of an off-the-shelf product, as well as all the benefits of a bespoke mobile application specifically suited to their business.

The benefits of bespoke applications over off-the-shelf products include the following:

  • Differentiated offering from competition
  • Innovation advantage - the ability to take advantage of new technical and business process opportunities quickly to create new revenue streams and cost savings
  • Significant increase in productivity due to:
    • Fewer errors thanks to the software matching business process precisely
    • Automation of known repetitive tasks
    • Intuitive user experience due to unique business knowledge built into the application
    • Significantly less user training required
  • Ability to integrate existing organisational knowledge from existing systems
  • No need for system configuration or redesign, as system is designed specifically to suit the business

Bespoke software in the enterprise has come of age, thanks to significant improvements in the speed, quality, risk profile and the innovation advantage of bespoke software development.

  • Agile Project Management Methodology
    The advent of Agile project management methodology has significantly improved the speed and quality of software development. Agile has also significantly reduced the risk of software not working as required - whether due to poor design, or poor execution - thanks to its iterative underpinnings and focus on user outcomes.
  • The Innovation Advantage
    Bespoke software can take advantage of technical innovation relatively quickly, while large "one-size-fits-all" vendors struggle. 
  • The Improvement of Development Tools
    The proliferation of high-quality development tools and platforms at relatively low cost has made developers more productive and less error-prone.
  • The Changing Nature of Software
    The nature of software usage has changed from niche technical operation to mainstream usage by every worker. Creating software able to deliver value to every worker takes more than a large team of engineers. It takes a small, experienced and empowered team with cross-functional skill sets. Such a team produces significantly more functional products than a large team of engineers every time, because the small, empowered, cross-functional team is able to understand the customer better, solve practical problems better and produce an end result that does not require an instruction manual.
The nature of software usage has changed from niche technical operation to mainstream usage by every worker.