Designing beautiful apps that work with your existing systems

Our clients commonly ask us to build beautiful user-friendly applications that work seamlessly with their existing back-end systems. This is important because back-end systems are here to stay, and they already contain a wealth of data and logic.

Whether your organisation runs SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other system, we are able to take advantage of it and build on its foundation. Most modern enterprise information systems include APIs or web services we can utilise readily. Older systems may need more work to expose functionality. In some cases, a legacy system may require a web service to be created from scratch. We are able to design a solution whether you're on the latest SAP ERP, or a command line tool from the 1980s.

It is also important for mobile applications to be beautiful. Enterprise apps don't necessarily have to win design awards, but they require the beauty of simplicity and intuitiveness. Mobile apps should not require a user manual because there is no time for that in the field.

Getting this right involves a lot of work. Early on our design team - following guidance from your marketing department - would create mock-ups and perhaps even a high-fidelity prototype. This usually brings out new thinking, and after several iterations a design structure is agreed on. We would then work on the detail - corners, buttons, fields, colours, transitions - to finalise the User Interface (UI) and complete the User Experience design (UX).