John Brooks chose Muli Mobile as its business process optimisation partner

With over 10,000 industrial products in their catalogue, John Brooks Ltd. needed a way to bring this data to their website - and to keep it up to date - with as little human effort as possible. Muli Mobile worked with John Brooks to provide a solution.


  • Populate the John Brooks website with details of thousands of products, and keep details up-to-date with as minimal effort as possible


  • Comprehensive planning of an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process for importing product data (names, descriptions, images, stock, pricing) from a source database to the John Brooks website
  • Developed a Windows application which periodically runs the ETL, ensuring the website is continually kept updated with data in the source database
  • Enable e-commerce functionality to allow customers to purchase products directly from website

Return on Investment

  • Vastly reduced time of website data entry and maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improvements as a result of product pages being populated with relevant information, including product attributes, pricing, and descriptions
  • Increased visibility of products as customers are able to browse the entire John Brooks product catalogue online
  • E-commerce functionality allows customers to purchase products online, thus enabling the final step of the sales funnel