Analytics - the key to decision-making in the modern enterprise

When it is time to make a decision on application performance, it isn't enough to make a gut call. Facts and data are required to be sure the judgement is sound. This makes Mobile Application Analytics a necessary component of any mobile app. Having data such as execution speed, conversion rates, transaction records, advertising performance and more allows the organisation to make performance decisions based on facts.

Key challenges

Accuracy and reliability

It is important to implement a reliable system in a way that captures the true state of the business. The implementation of any analytics system must begin with a careful analysis of the business processes involved in order to identify the correct data points for collection. Once identified, the analytics solution should be implemented following technical best practices to ensure accuracy.

Asking the right questions

With reams of data coming out of your application, it is important to gleam useful insights by focusing on the right questions. Good questions to ask - depending on the business - may be: "What impacts conversion rates the most?", "Where do most of our app installs come from?" or "What user behaviour should our app incentivise in order to maximise revenue?".