Muli Mobile develops mobile applications for business

Established in 2009, Muli Mobile is a leading mobile applications development company with offices in Singapore, Sydney - Australia and Auckland - New Zealand. We specialise in creating business-focused mobile-web, Responsive Design, and mobile native applications that improve our clients' productivity, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Because of our clients' unique requirements, our expertise are in multiple fields, including User Interface Design, Software Engineering, Data-driven product design and marketing, and Conversion Optimisation.

We are taking on selected mobile development projects. Your success is important to us, and for this reason we don't work on projects we know we aren't the best at. In general, we work on business-focused applications (both for back-end and consumer use). We generally don't take on the following types of projects:

  • Gaming, where the game is the primary focus. 
  • Extensive 3D graphics requirements
  • 'Hit and run' marketing campaigns, where little back-end work is required

If you need help with a business-focused application project, or aren't sure how mobile can help your organisation, contact us.


  • Configured ERP systems at some of Australasia's largest organisations, in the primary, manufacturing and retail sectors.
  • Delivered results in ROI-focused digital marketing campaigns in the banking, travel, software and retail industries.
  • Developed bespoke software for two of Asia's biggest banks.
  • Engineered software for a Silicon Valley technology start-up.
  • Improved the selling ability of retail websites by performing market research, customer surveys and analysing website data in a process of Conversion Rate Optimisation.