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We know building for mobile isn't just about looking pretty, but about conducting a symphony of consumer experience, cutting-edge technology, systems integration, marketing and elbow grease.

5 mobile trends to know
  • Penetration. 44% of Kiwis have smartphones (Google).
  • Growth. 2 in 3 NZ phones sold today are smartphones (NBR).
  • App usage dominates Web. Mobile apps see 30% more daily time spent than Web (Flurry).
  • Performance expectations. 3 in 4 users bounce if a mobile site loads longer than 5 seconds. 1 in 3 go to a competitor's site (Compuware).
  • Mobile DM: a secret weapon. AirBnB, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Viator among early adopters seeing results from Mobile Direct Message technology.
Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Our team's multi-disciplinary experience in digital marketing - from ROI-focused online campaigns and maximising conversion rates, to integrating with corporate systems - gives us a clear advantage.

5 opportunities in mobile
  • Loyalty. Your brand's mobile app users are the new loyal customers. Reward them with new experiences, news and special offers.
  • Volume. Mobile traffic doubled last year, for the fourth year in a row. In the US, smartphones and tablets now make up 20% of Internet traffic.
  • Direct Marketing. Build a customer contact database without collecting phone number or email address by using Mobile DM in your app.
  • Unprecedented targeting accuracy. Target by geo-location, demographics, local time and even custom segments from your CRM.
  • Offline tracking. Track in-store foot traffic and even offline purchases resulting from digital advertising campaigns.

Mobile Direct Message (mDM)

mDM would be like SMS marketing if SMS could learn new tricks, like exact geo-targeting and rich branding. Even then SMS would have to learn to be affordable and cool, which would be difficult given its age.

Read the points
  • Rich branding. Send rich offers with graphics, video, HTML, maps and more.
  • Superior targeting. Targeting by demographic, location and more e.g. "18-25 year-olds in downtown on Friday afternoon".
  • Offer automation. Create offers triggered by rules e.g. by geo-fencing arrival in Queenstown: "Get 20% off jet boat ride".
  • Track online and offline. Track both online and offline results (clicks, website visits, foot traffic, in-store revenue).

Mobile Websites

The mobile website is a fundamental element of any mobile marketing strategy, ensuring the brand is presented in the best possible light, while beaming relevant information to mobile users, who are walking around doing stuff.

Read the ticks and crosses
  • Superior reach. Mobile sites ensure maximum reach across device types, browsers and operating systems.
  • Cost effective. Mobile sites are typically cheaper to build and maintain than multiple mobile apps.
  • Opportunity cost. Direct marketers miss out on superior targeting technologies only available in mobile apps, such as mDM.
  • User experience and conversion rate. User experience in mobile sites is typically inferior to that available in mobile apps due to reliance on a data connection. In parts of the South Island carrier pigeons are faster.

Mobile Apps

With mobile app usage outpacing Internet usage, the smartphone app is at the forefront of mobile mass-media and receives lots of invitations to great parties.

Read the ticks and crosses
  • Capture eyeballs. Mobile apps enjoyed 30% longer average daily consumption than the Internet in the US market by Q4 2011.
  • Branding & creative. Smoother user experience, sharper images and more content than mobile sites.
  • Superior targeting. Game-changing new targeting technologies, such as mDM, are available only in mobile apps. Cool keeps cool company.
  • Reach. Apple fanboys are fans of Apple and fandroids are fans of Android. To reach both sets, multiple apps and/or a mobile site are required.
  • Cost. Building apps for multiple platforms is typically more expensive than building a single mobile site, unless the mobile site costs more.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics is more than just how many apps were downloaded, or the number of visits to the mobile site. You heard it here first.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

Read the points
  • Implementation. Define and implement marketing metrics for the mobile channel.
  • Technology selection. Select the most appropriate analytics technologies.
  • Complex custom tracking. We build custom tracking for complex business goals.
  • Training. We provide training in the usage of mobile analytics reporting and configuration.

Stuff We've Done

The World's Most Exotic App


Muli Mobile designed, built and nurtured FlowerPedia from scratch. The latest version features a big flower database full of flowers, lots of search functionality and even a way for people to tell other people where they've found a flower. We are like a proud mum.

FlowerPedia in the App Store

iLoveQuietBooks: The Creation

Eames Dog

The very talented folks at Eames Dog asked Muli Mobile to build an iOS game. We quickly built a working prototype, which allowed the team to evaluate creative concepts on real hardware. When the game went live we were like a proud mum again.

iLoveQuietBooks: The Creation in the App Store See the iLoveQuietBooks app on YouTube

Our Big Fat RWD Website

Responsive Web Design

Our website, the one you are reading right now, was built on Responsive Web Design (RWD), which means that our website will adapt to any device, browser or platform out there right now. Go on, resize, and see for yourself!

mDM Raises Revenues 4.7x

We run mDM campaigns for FlowerPedia with the objectives of increasing loyalty and driving sales of the paid version. On average, sales-focused mDM campaigns increase next-day revenues of FlowerPedia by 466%. mDM is the fuel in FlowerPedia's freemium engine.

Get in touch for a copy of the case study.

GO Rentals Mobile Site

GO Rentals mobile site with m-commerce by Muli Mobile

We created a mobile site for one of NZ's fastest growing and most respected rental car companies. Read about it.

"Muli Mobile did an impressive job building the intricacies of our internal systems into one neat mobile package." - James Dalglish, GO Rentals General Manager

Jasons Travel Media App

Jasons Travel Media iOS app by Muli Mobile

The Jasons app for iOS helps travellers find and book accommodation and activities from anywhere!

"From the outset, Alexey and his team have oozed professionalism. Great communication style, coupled with extra smart people and the willingness to help educate and inform." - Kevin Francis, CEO, Jasons Travel Media

Jasons Travel Media app by Muli Mobile in the App Store


WORK the ROOM app by Muli Mobile

WORK the ROOM makes face-to-face networking at events easier, more efficient, and hopefully more fun. The app works across all major mobile platforms, including iOS app, Android app and mobile web, because we love them all equally.

Upcoming Launch

What could this flower possibly mean?

What could this mysterious flower stencil possibly mean? Could it be the mark of our nemesis, the Black Hibiscus Clan? Or could it be that we are working on a new flower project so cool that we made that up to mask its existence? Stay tuned.

Upcoming Launch

Responsive Web Design

That means "top secret" in Japanese. Why Japanese? It's our way of saying we are not at liberty to disclose this project just yet.

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Our founding members have helped integrate complex business systems at Fonterra, CHH, Komatsu, Evergreen Packaging USA, ran ROI-focused online marketing campaigns for ASB, Air New Zealand, Serato, Noel Leeming, Tourism Exchange NZ, squeezed more revenue out of FreemanX, Fatso and Contact Energy websites through Conversion Optimisation, built a community for flower lovers around the world in FlowerPedia, plus much more.

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